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70/20/10 Budget Guide

There is a common rule for budgeting hard earned money. This is the 70-20-10 rule. Depending on the explanation and inclusion on each parts, the main objective is to help and to guide you allocate your money wisely. Let’s start with the 70%. This should be used in paying your monthly expenses such as food, clothing, utilities, bills and other ... Read More »

Top Reasons Why Filipinos Failed to Save

1. No Money to Save There are lots of Filipino’s who are unemployed or living in poverty. That is why, saving money is just a dream for more Filipino. For those who are employed and earning money, saving is still very difficult for them. There is a universal formula in savings which is Income – Savings = Expenses. However, for ... Read More »

Do You Have Assets or Liabilities?

For years, I’ve been spending my money and time acquiring things which I believe an asset. I guess most of the populations are also doing the same, busy acquiring things which they think as an asset and could make a very good investment. All this have changed after I read books by Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of books Rich ... Read More »

7 Money Habits That Are Keeping You Poor

“If You’re Still Poor at 35, It’s Your Fault.” – Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Falling short on finances is a struggle that you do not want to experience! However, this is one problem faced by many. While we can say that success is the fruit of hard work and determination, one factor that also contributes to the standing of ... Read More »