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Lesson Learned from my First Investment

Last 2009, bumili ako ng condo as investment. It’s a 28sqm 1BR unit worth PHP 2.27M. Since nasa Singapore ako, I asked my friend to help me look for a good one. Luckily, he found one and katabi lang ng isang malaking university sa Manila. I contacted the agent and close the deal in a month after sending all the ... Read More »

How to Grow Your Wealth

Everybody wants to know how to grow their money. Yung iba marahil, malalaki na yong kita nila sa trabaho. Yong iba naman, kabisado na nila and they have the skills in growing their money. But for most people, they’re still struggling. Ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit maraming nai-scam, dahil sa pangakong malaking return ng pera nila. Ang problema kase, ... Read More »

Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA)

Noong 2008, isinabatas ang RA 9505 or PERA upang makatulong at makahikayat ng mga Pilipino para mag invest at mag save para sa kanilang kinabukasan. Sa darating na 2014, mai-implement na ito. Isa po itong voluntary way of saving and investing. Kung nasa ibang bansa kayo, katumbas nito ang CPF sa Singapore at 401K sa US. May apat na group ... Read More »

Are You a Wannabe Investors?

Some people INVEST just for the sake of investing or just going with the flow upon seeing some of their FB friends having investments account. They might heard about stocks, mutual fund or UITF talks/seminar once and they think it’s already enough. Without financial literacy, guidance, group support and enough knowledge about investment, you’re not heading to financial freedom path. ... Read More »

Instead of Putting Money to Bank, Buy the Bank

I always use this phrase whenever I talk to newbies about investing. I know most of them have bank accounts and consider it a good investment. All they knew were it’s safe and earning interest. Way better than just putting it on a piggy bank. Most OFW’s think that way. And when you open the topic of investing to the ... Read More »

It’s Easier to Make Money than to Keep It

I stumbled an article last month about Allen Iverson, a once famous NBA basketball player. According to the news, he is now broke just after 3 years off the NBA. To describe how broke he was, he even said he don’t have money to buy even a cheeseburger. Allen Iverson earns $70.9 million from a 6 year contract on 1999. ... Read More »