Research in Motion’s Playbook: Luring left over customers from iPad craze

Just recently, Canada based company Research In Motion, the owner of Blackberry device have joined the tablet computer war. They launched their own version of table pc, dubbed Playbook.

The device is the companies response to the on going battle among the tablet PC, in which, up to today is being dominated by Apple’s iPad.

It is known that other companies have already launched their so called iPad killer like Samsung Galaxy, Dell Streak, Toshiba Android, Motorola Xoom and several PC manufacturers who all join the tablet wars.

Unfortunately for those manufacturer’s and for RIM, they are only competing for Apple iPad’s left over customers. It is already late for the RIM to join the race, not with a buggy Playbook version.

Several stores in Canada admitted during the launch that selling it to customers will be tough.

Early reviews have panned the WiFi-only PlayBook for lacking email and organizer applications — the gadget needs a BlackBerry to access those — and key carrier AT&T said it will not support the BlackBerry Bridge function that lets the PlayBook mirror a BlackBerry smartphone.

RIM Playbook Tablet

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