Rise of the Poor, Opressed and Unemployed: The Fruit Vendor Who Started it All

More than 2 decades apart from our original EDSA People Power Revolution, same event is happening in the Middle East. People are marching on the streets, defying their government and demanding for a change in the whole country, which will start by removing their incumbent leaders. This is the times were people of all ages unite and demands for a single cause, change of leadership, and lighten the everyday burden that ordinary citizen is experiencing.

As of this posting time, Libya is on the bridge of collapse from same uprising. In the past months, Tunisia and Egypt government suffered a tragic fate, people uprise and abolish their regime. Other countries in Middle East might also follow the same fate, particularly Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. There are rumors and widespread protest on the street. The coming months will be crucial to them to at least deal their people and ease the tension.

It all started from a fruit vendor in Tunisia, named Mohamed Bouazizi. Similar with the Philippines, Tunisia is also ruled by a dictator president Ben Ali. During his time, unemployment and poverty rises, making it hard for ordinary Tunisian to make a living.

On December 17 2010, police officials confiscated his fruits and vegetables for having no license to sell it. Police officers humiliated him in public. He then went to the local municipality to air his grievances, but no officials wanted to hear his side. Then he drenched himself in gasoline and set himself on fire outside the governor’s office. Bouazizi survived his initial suicide attempt. After being transported to a hospital near Tunis, he was visited by President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali before passing away on January 4.

The incident triggered the uprising that overthrown a dictator in Tunisia. With it’s rippling effect, other Middle East country are having the same fate as well. Even countries miles away are feeling its effect, especially China who is becoming more and stricter when it comes to democracy.

History repeats itself. No one can last to rule forever. We have witnessed the power of the ordinary people, toppling the extraordinary leaders of their government. It’s only a matter of time before other countries suffer the same fate.

Still, the power is in their hands to create change and do reform to ease the tension between their constituents. And they have to do it now.

May leaders of the world realize that they are elected to serve the people not the people serving for their personal interests.

tunisia and middle east people power revolt

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