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How Much Insurance Coverage Do you Need?

how much insurance do you need

To begin with, try to read my article about what insurance product do you need. Just a recap, here’s 5 insurance products we can avail: 1. Medical Insurance 2. Critical Illness Insurance 3. Accident Insurance 4. Death/Disability Insurance 5. Investment/Retirement Now that you are aware of it and would like to inquire, the next question you might ask is how ... Read More »

Types of Health Insurance You Can Choose From

types of health insurance

Health insurance or medical insurance is the most important insurance you need to get for yourself. For some rich countries, medical insurance are free for their citizens. For those who are not fortunate to live in such country, you need to get one for yourself. Basically, this is the policy that gives us coverage in the event of hospitalization of ... Read More »

Different Types of Insurance in the Market

There are lots of insurance available in the market. For ordinary people, it’s quite confusing and very hard to decide which one is best for us. Each insurance caters specific person base on several factors like age, financial status, medical history and other things. For this blog, let’s discuss different types of insurance. There are several types of insurance base ... Read More »

5 Insurance Coverage You Need to Know

Buying insurance is a bit complicated for those who are not familiar with it. Often times, insurance agent do not discuss the topic pretty well. Some of them just do product pushing and let the client get what they want base on their personal gains. According to insurance lawyers based in California, when buying insurance, it is the client’s responsibility ... Read More »

Why Filipinos Do not Give Insurance More Importance?

In a 2018 article in Inquirer site, a research from Sun Life Financial Philippines Inc. shows that there are only 16% of middle to upper income Filipinos have insurance products. This is considered to be very low. Most likely, more than 95% of those who bought insurance are considered as under-insured. These are those who get insurance but do not ... Read More »

Is nCorona Virus Covered By Your Insurance Policy?

With the increasing number of infections worldwide, here’s what you need to know if your insurance will protect you. There are 3 insurance policies you might have right now: LIFE, MEDICAL and ACCIDENT. ACCIDENT PLAN do not cover the coronavirus as it is only for accident and injury related. However, some accident plan for kids may cover this under their illness ... Read More »