SHAIDER – Joining the Cause to Promote Children’s Rights

In support of facebook movement to help spread and promote children’s rights, I changed my profile picture. This is something I won’t usually but for few days, I will do my part to join their cause.

I remember when I was a kid, I wouldn’t allow myself to miss the episode of Shaider. It was a popular hit for children in the 80’s. Original Japanese but it was dubbed in the Philippines so we can understand better. The villain shouting “Time Space Warp” will really put as on the edge of our seat as this is the time where the enemies of Shaider will have more power. But then, in the end, Shaider with his Vavilos will defeat the enemy headed by the dreaded Fuuma. And who would ever forget the beautiful sidekick of Shaider named Annie, who become instant crushes of almost all the kids during those days.


SHAIDER aka Alexis (played by Hiroshi Tsuburaya)

He is an earth-born Space Sheriff and an archaeologist who deciphered the figures on the Nazca Plain. He trained with Annie, Kitz and Ullu. His ablitiles as SHAIDER includes “Blue Flash Spark” which transforms him into a blue ball of light. When not wearing the Shaider gear, Alexis usually patrols the streets using a blue 1980’s Suzuki SJ.

Shaider’s side weapon is called the Video Beam Gun which looks almost like the real life gun like Glock pistols. It is called as such because it has a video screen that detects Strange monsters that turn invisible. He also hides a Laser Blade or Shaider Cutter which is drawn like a metal tape measure from his waist. It sometimes assume a ribbon-like flexibility to hold Strange monsters in battle. Shaider also has a variety of vehicles such as the Sky Striker and Battle Tank. The former is used to attack and destroy Fuuma jet fighters while the latter is a giant drill tank. He also uses a motorcycle called the Blue Hawk in order to follow monsters into the “Strange Realm”. And whenever he encounters a giant Fuuma gunship in the Strange Realm, Shaider summons Vavilos, his giant spaceship headquarters, commanding it to transform either into a giant gun called the Big Magnum or a giant robot whose chest emits a giant laser beam called Vavilos Fire.

SHAIDER is the third and last of the Space Sheriff trilogy and as such, Space Sheriffs GAVAN and SHARIVAN makes an appearance.


ANNIE (played Naomi Morinaga)

Dai’s classmate whose homeworld of Mount was annihilated by Fuuma. She requested to be assigned to Earth with Dai, so as to avenge the destruction of her home planet. She usually drives a yellow Mazda RX-7 FB to patrol the streets or arrive at the scene of a battle.


Hit the LIKE button and support the cause till December 6! Support and Uphold the Children’s Rights. Let there be no human faces in facebook, but an invasion of childhood memories.


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