Story of a Typical OFW

Grace was a former public school teacher in high school. She taught Mathematics subject to a class of around 50 students each session. Teaching was her dream and passion since she was a child. Upon finishing her BS Education degree, she passed the board exam and easily landed a teaching job in their municipality. She was a bright and talented teacher and was an inspiration to some of her students to excel in field of mathematics.

After few years, she married her long time boyfriend who happens to be her co-teacher in same school. They started living the life that they wanted, living from the means that they have. Then they were blessed with 2 children, aged 1 and 2 that time.

One night, she had a serious conversation with her husband regarding their future and how are they are going to support their increasing family members with a small amount of earnings. Though both of them are working, they are still struggling to keep up their finances.

Job opportunity came from Italy, and they both grab it. Teaching may be her passion, but in an empty stomach she said, following your passion is not a good idea if it gives you nothing. They left their kids on their parents with a heavy heart. They told themselves that this is for their own good so they have to sacrifice and live far from them.

Years passed by, they were great provider for anything that their kids wanted. They now have their own big house, luxurious appliances and cars. The fill up with material things all those times that they can’t make for their kids. They send them to good schools and supported them well financially.

Soon their kids graduated, worked and started their own family. On this stage, Grace and her husband decided to go back to the Philippines for good. Sign of old age can now be seen on both of them. Plus a couple of some complications on her health she acquired from her jobs in Italy.

They are now in their big house, surrounded by various appliances they bought but nobody is using. House is deserted as their children have their own family and living on different house.

Alone with his husband, she started to reflect her life and think about her family. With her are lots of photos and videos which are wonderful moments of their children’s life. That includes first day of school, graduation, first communion, birthday and other important events. Thinking that this all happens without them on their side, she begin to cry and realize the TIME that had lost and was sacrificed in exchange of all the financial abundance that they can provide. She cannot relive those happy memories, because she is not part of it. All that was left on her are regrets of living a life far away from them. Deep inside, she felt the emptiness and failure of her family. She can never put back the lost time.

Lots of OFW out there have the same regrets in the end. Regret that they can never bring back the time and watch their children grow. We can only live our life once, make sure we are doing the right thing for the benefit of our loved ones.

Money is the main reason why we are all working abroad. And we are working hard to have it, even to the extent of working countless of hours everyday. But unless we understand how money works and learn how to make money work for us, we’ll end up with same fate as Grace. Working hard is not enough, we have to work smarter.

Reflect on yourselves now and see which path you are heading. You still have time to react and plan ahead before anything gets too late. Start empowering youselves and learn how to move out of the Rat Race where most people are trapped.

I am not a pro, but I am determined to change my life focused on empowering myself and learning how money will work for me. With this vision in mind, I am seeing myself spending quality time with my future family. And I hope, most of us realize the seriousness of this matter.

Five years from now, if you are not expecting any great change that may happen in your life, consider empowering your self and learn how to make money work for you.

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