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How Pandemic Prove Us Wrong and Humble Us

In the past, I always advocate to have at least 6 months emergency fund. It’s all fine till the pandemic hits. We always thought that we are prepared financially. We assume that we have enough to last the hard times. This pandemic proves us wrong. It humbles us. Having 6 months of emergency fund is really not enough during the ... Read More »

How We Protect our Family from Life’s Uncertainties

Investing is not the first step in achieving financial success. As a matter of fact, before you invest your money, you must be debt free, have emergency fund and insured. Diving to investment right away is not the proper way to do it. For our emergency fund, we have enough money to survive even if we do not work for ... Read More »

Emergency Fund

Eto yung perang nakalaan in case may mga emegency at mangailangan ka ng pera. Dapat madaling i-access ang pera at makukuha mo agad kung kailanganin mo. Example nito kung magkasakit ka, kung mawalan ka ng work, magkaron ng calamity or such things. Eh yung mapadaan ka sa mall na may nakalagay na 90% OFF SALE? Hindi po yan emergency, gastos ... Read More »

Things You Need to Consider Before Investing

If you are considering investing your hard earned money, check this 3 important factors you need to follow. Failure to do so might result to a failed investment. As you know, investment should be done for long term. Time is one of the most important factor that can make your money grow higher until such time you opt to withraw ... Read More »