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OFW Guide on Opening Mutual Fund Account in FAMI

As promised, here’s the detailed guide on opening an account in FAMI. I received few inquiries about it so I decided to write a blog post. There are other mutual funds account in the Philippines, but I chose FAMI as I’m a fan of Metrobank…hihihi. Their growth in the past years are great and I have great confidence with them. ... Read More »

Don’t Have Time to Buy and Sell Stocks? Invest in Mutual Funds

If you will invest in stocks, you need to be involve in buying and selling. One problem is, Philippine Stocks Exchange trading hour is only from 9AM to 3PM +8GMT time between Monday to Friday. This is a problem especially to those OFW’s with a different timezone and don’t have frequent access to computer. Alternatively, you can invest in MUTUAL ... Read More »