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Millions of OFW’s Left Unemployed by the Pandemic

In Philippines, OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) are hailed as modern day heroes. They contributed a lot in the economy, sending back money to their loved ones for local consumption. Thus, fuelling our economy. It is estimated that their total contribution alone contributed to around 11% of the countries GDP (gross domestic product) according to 2018 data. They are mainly responsible ... Read More »

75% or 54M Filipinos Do Not Have Investments

This data is not shocking at all. Perhaps it’s even lower on the outskirts part of the country, where financial literacy is really non existing. There is a huge part of our population that do not have investments or access to any financial products. Most likely they do not have money to save/invest or they do not know anything about ... Read More »

OFW Culture: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

At present year 2011, Philippine population is estimated to be around 94 million, a 1.36% in the world’s total population. At the end of this year, it may end up to 96 million and still growing. A total of about 23.1 million of Filipinos — about a third of the country’s 94 million populace — are still subsisting on below ... Read More »