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Financial Freedom is a Marathon

FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a marathon, not a sprint. People tend to get excited at the start. They attend seminars, listen to speakers and mingle with others. Unfortunately, excitement dwindles along the way. They stop attending financial seminars. They pretend they know all already. They go back to old ways. You see, investing for your future is boring. Watching your money ... Read More »

In Investment, We Diversify

In investment, diversification plays a very important role. I have blogged this topic last time, but now I want to walk the talk and challenged ourselves to do it even better. Diversification means investing in various investment vehicles to minimize the risk of losses. We are currently on a bull run market, our economy is growing significantly. However, this is ... Read More »

Do we really have freedom?

History tells us that our forefathers have fought hard to achieve freedom. Freedom from oppression and freedom from foreign colony. When they finally achieved it, they celebrated with so much joy. This is the best legacy that they passed on to us. Fast forward, here we are now. Our country is free at last. We have our own government running the ... Read More »