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Different Types of Insurance in the Market

There are lots of insurance available in the market. For ordinary people, it’s quite confusing and very hard to decide which one is best for us. Each insurance caters specific person base on several factors like age, financial status, medical history and other things. For this blog, let’s discuss different types of insurance. There are several types of insurance base ... Read More »

5 Insurance Coverage You Need to Know

Buying insurance is a bit complicated for those who are not familiar with it. Often times, insurance agent do not discuss the topic pretty well. Some of them just do product pushing and let the client get what they want base on their personal gains. According to insurance lawyers based in California, when buying insurance, it is the client’s responsibility ... Read More »

Why Filipinos Do not Give Insurance More Importance?

In a 2018 article in Inquirer site, a research from Sun Life Financial Philippines Inc. shows that there are only 16% of middle to upper income Filipinos have insurance products. This is considered to be very low. Most likely, more than 95% of those who bought insurance are considered as under-insured. These are those who get insurance but do not ... Read More »

How much LIFE INSURANCE do you need?

Let’s assume you want to buy life insurance now which covers death. The question is, how much coverage do you really need? When buying life insurance, you have to take note that you are insuring yourself for what you are worth for. How much is your life worth? Imagine you buy a car worth PHP 1M pesos, you are also ... Read More »

Don’t Rely On Your Company to Protect Your Loved Ones

As an employee of the company, most of us have insurance coverage. The only variations are the amount of coverage and the details of coverage that each companies are offering. Buying insurance for the employee involves money, so it is up to the company which package they will get for their employee. It is an added morale to employees knowing ... Read More »