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Instead of Putting Money to Bank, Buy the Bank Instead

Kung may pera ka sa bangko, ang tawag sayo ay DEPOSITOR. Syempre, asikasong-asikaso ka nila. Pinagmamalaki pa nga nila na mataas ang interest rate nila ng savings account. Yung tipong 0.25% annually. Safe daw kase bangko, insured ng PDIC. Minsan may mga giveaways pang ballpen, calendar o bag. Syempre tuwang tuwa na tayo non. Safe and secured ang pera natin ... Read More »

Compounding Interest: Friend or Foe?

Albert Einstein once said that compounding interest is the 8th wonders of the world. He also said that it is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time. All of us can leverage on it, either becoming its friend or foe. Compounding interest is the interest earning upon interest, upon interest, upon interest… As A Friend Best way to leverage it ... Read More »

The Sandwich Generation

In Philippines, we are living in a sandwich generation. This is a generation wherein working individuals are supporting their children and their parents. I have previously blog about this topic wherein some people tend to consider their children as investment that will take care of their future. Check my post here. There’s nothing wrong for children to take care of ... Read More »

Simple Guide to a Self Made Millionaire

I recently finished an audio book by Brian Tracy entitled “21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaire”. It was a great book you should try that too. In the book, he pointed out that each of us have the power to become a millionaire by following a very simple plan. The plan is save and invest for the long term. ... Read More »