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Top 10 Highest Performing Mutual Funds in the Philippines for 2020

top 10 performing mutual funds in philippines 2020

Last trading day for Philippines Stocks yesterday, all mutual funds data are updated. On this blog post, I will review the top 10 performing mutual funds for this year 2020. With the pandemic still lingering on, we cannot expect a high return for these funds. Data on this post are taken from Philippine Investment Funds Association (PIFA) website under Year ... Read More »

Mutual Fund

Teka, basahin mo muna OK? Iniisip mo na kaagaad pang mayaman lang toh. Let me explain muna. Na try mo bang sumali sa paluwagan? Diba may in-charge na kumukuha ng pera nyo at sya yung humawak? Ganon din sa mutual fund. Ang kaibahan nga lang, yung pera ini-invest ng fund manager sa iba ibang instruments. Kaya may posibilidad na malugi ... Read More »

Borrowing Money for Investment

Early this year, I received an email from one of my subscriber as per below. Let’s call her Ms X to protect her identity. Sir: Thanks a lot for this information..I’m one of your follower..I also love reading your blogs and other inspiring topics. I have a two sons in college. Last 2011 one of my friend inspired me to ... Read More »

Are You Leveraging on the Growth of Philippine Economy?

Last year, Philippines economic growth is at 6.6%. Inspite of the turmoil in the middle east, recession in Europe and high unemployment rate in the US, our country remain bullish and managed to move forward. This morning I watched a news program from the Philippines. The reporter asked one Filipino she found on the street on what he can say ... Read More »