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Instead of Putting Money to Bank, Buy the Bank

I always use this phrase whenever I talk to newbies about investing. I know most of them have bank accounts and consider it a good investment. All they knew were it’s safe and earning interest. Way better than just putting it on a piggy bank. Most OFW’s think that way. And when you open the topic of investing to the ... Read More »

How to Buy Stocks using SAM of Truly Rich Club

I am a newbie investor in stocks. Me and my wife just started less than a year ago and we keep on learning from it. We know investing in stocks is risky, so we chose a mentor to guide us all the way. That’s why we joined the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez. One of the perks of being ... Read More »

Which Is Better: Stocks or Mutual Funds?

I receive a lot of queries about this questions, especially from the newbies. While both are advisable vehicles of investments, choosing which one to invest can be challenging. To help you decide which one suits you, let me show some comparisons between the two. Mutual fund is the most basic investment anyone can get. It requires: LESS MONEY (Php 5K ... Read More »

Investing in Philippine Market Guide for OFW’s

Philippine economy is booming and our stock market is reaping the benefits of it. With more cashflow from foreign and few local investors, our current market is expected to surge even more in coming years. This is a good new for all Filipinos. However, sad to say, ordinary Filipinos and OFW’s won’t benefit from it. In fact, for OFW’s, the ... Read More »

My Wife Invest in Stocks

My wife works in the hospital, a typical employee in their company. She goes to work from Monday to Friday and receive her paycheck at the end of the month. Like other typical girls, she also do shopping sometimes. She is a good saver, I know she is saving most of her money in the bank. On her laptop, she ... Read More »

5K Pesos is All You Need to Start Trading Philippine Stocks

I guess you’ll be surprised to know that all you need to start trading is 5K pesos only. The good thing is, stocks trading is done online where you can do buy and sell just like a normal online shopping website. All you need is a computer with internet connection and voila! You can start trading stocks. CITISEC ONLINE is ... Read More »