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Investing Mindset

Stocks, Bonds, Equities and the rest are great multiplier of money. It’s also the easiest way to start investing. But then, without financial literacy, money alone is not enough. Having a LOT of money without financial literacy is a BURDEN, not a BLESSING. Differentiate NEEDS and WANTS. Buy ASSETS not LIABILITIES. Invest NOW, not TOMORROW. Be an INVESTOR, not just ... Read More »

Are You a Wannabe Investors?

Some people INVEST just for the sake of investing or just going with the flow upon seeing some of their FB friends having investments account. They might heard about stocks, mutual fund or UITF talks/seminar once and they think it’s already enough. Without financial literacy, guidance, group support and enough knowledge about investment, you’re not heading to financial freedom path. ... Read More »

Top Reasons Why Filipinos Failed to Save

1. No Money to Save There are lots of Filipino’s who are unemployed or living in poverty. That is why, saving money is just a dream for more Filipino. For those who are employed and earning money, saving is still very difficult for them. There is a universal formula in savings which is Income – Savings = Expenses. However, for ... Read More »