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Time + Energy + Money

Para sa maayos na pamumuhay at upang makamtam natin ang financial freedom, kailangan natin ng tatlong ito: Time, Money at Energy. TIME + ENERGY – MONEY. Natatandaan mo nung kabataan mo pa? Full of energy. Ang dami mong oras, kase wala ka namang trabaho non. Sa simula syempre hindi ka pa pumapasok non. Ang dami mong gustong gawin sa buhay, ... Read More »

It’s Easier to Make Money than to Keep It

I stumbled an article last month about Allen Iverson, a once famous NBA basketball player. According to the news, he is now broke just after 3 years off the NBA. To describe how broke he was, he even said he don’t have money to buy even a cheeseburger. Allen Iverson earns $70.9 million from a 6 year contract on 1999. ... Read More »

Do you rely on your children as your future investment?

In the Philippines, most parents rely on their children to take  care of them and provide them everything when they grow old. They consider them an investment which will give them great returns when they grow up and started working. This has been a cycle and most parents rely on it. For some, they will say there’s nothing wrong with ... Read More »