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Retirement Planning – Have you started?

We are all going to retire in the future. Perhaps some already did or on their retirement stage already. But for us who are still on the way, we better plan it ahead on time. Failure to do so will have great impact on our life. To make planning easier, I’ve made an excel template for you to use as ... Read More »

If You Want to Retire, Invest or Do Business

Base on Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant, there are four ways to produce income. As OFW, most of us are on the left side, earning money from being employed or perhaps for some, self employed. We are earning what we call the ACTIVE INCOME. Active income because we are paid base on our effort. Employees get their salary from their bosses. Self ... Read More »

How am I going to retire and get out of the rat race?

Yesterday I posted my wife’s portfolio in my facebook account. Not to brag, but to inspire people to invest while they can and still have monthly pay check. In case you are not aware, she resigned from her job to take care of our first child. But even though her monthly pay check is gone, her money keeps on working ... Read More »

Match Your Investment Objective with the Right Investment Instruments

When it comes to investing, lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang objective kung para saan ang ating investments. Magkakaiba tayo, syempre hindi naman pare-pareho ang buhay natin. Pero mostly, umiikot ang mga investment goals natin sa mga life’s objectives gaya ng retirement, educational fund, travel fund, house fund at kung anu-ano pang pangangailangan natin in the future. Before we start investing, mahalaga ... Read More »

Kelan mo balak mag retire?

Ayan, dumako naman tayo sa retirement. Kung iniisip mo bata ka pa, aba’y dapat nga mas lalo mo itong isipin para hindi ka mabigatan pagdating ng araw. Ilang taon ka na bang nagtatrabaho? Hanggang kelan mo ba balak magtrabaho? Aba hindi naman habang buhay eh magtatrabaho na lamang tyo ng magtatrabaho. Isipin mo rin na darating tayo sa puntong hindi ... Read More »