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Savers are Actually Losers

Kalma lang, let me explain muna. I’m referring to those who have all their hard earned money in the bank. Bakit ‘ka nyo? Ganito yan… Pag nag-open kayo ng savings account sa bank, maliit lang ang interest na binibigay nyan. Average siguro nasa 0.5% per annum. Check mo na lang sa bangko mo kung magkano, iba iba kse yan. Pag ... Read More »

Do You Think Putting Money in the Bank Makes You a Saver?

Most Filipinos believe that putting money in the bank is the best decision they can make. And for that, they will call themselves SAVERS. In general, bank offers a safe place to hold your money and give you a little interest in return. And for that, we are thankful for them. However, I have a different point of view. By ... Read More »

Savers are Losers

Oopps…I know lots of you will disagree on me. But let me tell you my point. Savers are losers. Yes, it is true, but I am referring to those people saving in the bank, on their vault or in their piggy bank. Come to think of it. If you save 100 pesos in the bank, they will probably give you ... Read More »