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Available Jobs in Singapore for Filipino Workers

available jobs in singapore for filipino workers

For years, Singapore has been one of the top destination for Filipinos who want to try they luck abroad. And there are lots of reason for that. Here’s top 3 reasons: Reason 1: It’s near the Philippines. Unlike other countries, if you are an OFW in Singapore you can go home as often as you can. I myself go back ... Read More »

Singapore Job Vacancies Reach to Record Level

Headline in Straight Times newspaper today, Singapore reached a record level of job vacancies. Their data shows 50,200 jobs in the month of September with no one seems interested to apply. Most of the jobs are in the service sector comprising 75%, while the rest comprise jobs in various sectors. One tenant in Singapore Flyer has been waiting for 4 ... Read More »

130,000 New Jobs Forecast in Singapore

Last Saturday, November 20 edition of Straight Times, a local news paper in Singapore, reported that around 130,000 jobs will be created next year to meet the growing demand of Singapore. With the recent opening of two integrated resorts, namely Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World, there have been a mass hiring of staff mostly on the service sector such ... Read More »