Top 10 Best Performing US Stocks in 2020

Here’s the top performing stocks in the United States stocks exchange. They are the big winner for this years performance despite of the current pandemic where lots of businesses suffered catastrophic losses. It’s a year to date return for the year 2020. The list is composed of stocks listed in NASDAQ and NYSE.


YTD Return: 109.88%
Listed in US:NYSE
Closing Price: US $38

l brands inc

L Brands Inc. is a company incorporated in Delaware, that sells women’s apparel, personal care products, home fragrance products and various men and women’s apparel thru retail stores and e-commerce business. It operates through the following segments: Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. The company was founded by Leslie Herbert Wexner in 1963 with headquarter in Columbus Ohio.

YTD Return: 123.47%
Listed in US:NASDAQ
Closing Price: US $526.49


NVIDIA Corporation is a world leader in digital media process technology, dedicated in creating products that improves interactive experience on consumer and professional computing platforms. They design, develop and market various technology products such as graphics processing unit, media and communication processors, softwares and other computer technologies. It was incorporated in California in April 1993.

Providence Service Corp. (PRSC)
YTD Return: 133.02%
Listed in US:NASDAQ
Closing Price: US $137.90

Providence Service Corp.

The company is engaged in the provision of home and community based social services and non emergency transport services. It was founded by Fletcher Jay McCusker in December 1996 with headquarter in Stamford Connecticut.

JD.COM Inc. (JD)
YTD Return: 154.10%
Listed in US:NASDAQ
Closing Price: US $90

JD Incorporated is an e-commerce company. It is involve in selling electronics products and general merchandise which includes audio, video and books. The company also offers advertising, logistics and other value added products to its customers. It was founded by Qiang Dong Lio las June 18, 1998 with headquarter at Beijing China.

Gamestop Corp. (GME)
YTD Return: 216.78%
Listed in US:NYSE
Closing Price: US $19.34

game stop

Gamestop Corporation is a business engaged in retail of various video game, consumer electornics and wireless services. It currently operates in countries such as US, Canada, Australia and Europe. It was founded by Daniel DeMatteo in June 2000 with headquarter in Grapevine Texas.

Chewy Inc. (CHWY)
YTD Return: 218.41%
Listed in US:NYSE
Closing Price: US $93


Chewy Inc. is a company engaged in e-commerce business. It supplies various products such as pet supplies, pet foods, pet medications, pet health products and other services for animals. It was founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day in September 2011 with headquarter in Dania Beach Florida.

REMARK Holdings Inc. (MARK)
YTD Return: 286.41%
Listed in US:NASDAQ
Closing Price: US $1.9601

remark holdings inc

Remark Holdings Inc. are primarily focused on technology. Their social media data intelligence platforms serves as the basis for their development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence base of their solutions for many businesses in various industries and geographic locations.

SunOpta Inc. (STKL)
YTD Return: 354.4%
Listed in US:NASDAQ
Closing Price: US $11.12

sunopta inc

SunOpta is a leading global company business focusing on healthy products that advocates sustainable well being. Their products are made from non-GMO and organic ingredients sourced worldwide. Their portfolio of products are aligned with fast growing demand of consumer for a health and organic food and beverage product.

SEA Limited (SE)
YTD Return: 389.18%
Listed in US:NYSE
Closing Price: US $196.74

sea limited

Spectra Energy Corporation (Spectra Energy) owns and operates huge and diversified portfolio of gas related energy assets. It operates in 3 different areas of the industry: distribution, gathering & processing and transmission and storage. It is one of North America’s premier gas companies.

YTD Return: 730.42%
Listed in US:NASDAQ
Closing Price: US $693.40

top performing stock tesla

TESLA is a company that design, develop and manufacture fully electric vehicles and components. They have their own manufacturing, service network and fully operational business to develop advanced electric vehicles and technologies. The company is founded by billionaire Ellon Musk who owns several companies.

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