Top 10 Highest Performing Mutual Funds in the Philippines for 2020

Last trading day for Philippines Stocks yesterday, all mutual funds data are updated. On this blog post, I will review the top 10 performing mutual funds for this year 2020. With the pandemic still lingering on, we cannot expect a high return for these funds. With calcolatore profitti forex pip one can make sure they trade in the right platform and get the right profits.

Data on this post are taken from Philippine Investment Funds Association (PIFA) website under Year To Date return. For more details and complete list, you can visit their website at You can also check the funds individual fund fact sheet for detailed guide on each funds.


Top 10 Performing Mutual Funds in the Philippines 2020

#10 Philequity Peso Bond Fund Inc. – 5.62% YTD Return

The fund invest in a portfolio of fixed income securities in the Philippines. It mainly invests in a fixed income instruments with peso denomination issued by the Philippines government and local companies. It is managed by Philequity and have been in the mutual fund market since 2001.

The fund is best suited for low risk appetite investors who prefer long term investment and not worry much on the return.

#9 Philam Bond Fund Inc – 5.92% YTD Return

The fund is managed by PHILAM Life, one of the biggest insurance company in the Philippines. It was launched last 1997 with the objective of getting capital preservation with minimal returns using investment instruments with guaranteed or fixed income. Among it’s top 2 fixed income holdings are fixed rate treasury note and retail treasury bond.

#8 ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund Inc. – 6.06% YTD Return

The fund is managed by ATR Asset Management. It’s main purpose is to invest and reinvest in the government issued securities which pays guaranteed dividends, as well as other investment instruments with a guaranteed or fixed payment. It is suitable for investors with low risk appetite to protect their fund and having a minimal growth.

#7 Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Wellspring Fund Inc. – 6.28% YTD Return

Managed by Sun Life Asset Management, this fund was launched last 2016. It aims to provide minimal and consistent fund returns by investing in a diversified investments in fixed income securities including sovereign debt, corporate debt and other non traditional investments in equity or equity related securities issued worldwide. The top 3 investment these funds are investing are Offshore Mutual funds, Government bonds and other similar less risky products. The fund uses US dollar denomination. They invest in equities all over the world with shares on US, Europe, Asia and Japan equities.

#6 ATRAM Dynamic Allocation Fund Inc. – 6.60% YTD Return

Formerly known as Optima Balanced Fund Inc, this fund was managed by ATR Asset Management. It is a fund invested in highly selected fixed income instruments and stocks, which are actively managed for best performance. This is highly recommended to those investors with moderate risk appetite. The fund is designed to give potential returns consisting of current income and capital growth thru investments in various diversified portfolio consisting of equity securities from Philippine issuer and debt.


top performing mutual funds in philippines 2020


#5 Soldivo Bond Fund Inc. – 8.02% YTD Return

The fund is actively managed by ATR Asset Management Inc and is being offered by RAMPVER. It was launched last 2014 with a risk profile of conservative. The fund objective is to preserve capital with minimal returns from selected fixed income instruments. It focuses on giving its investors the chance to preserve their investment money with appreciation. It is suitable for conservative and low risk type of investors, with extra money that are not needed anytime soon.

#4 PAMI Asia Balanced Fund Inc. – 12.91% YTD Return

The fund was launched last 2011 and managed by BPI Investment Management Inc. It is a US dollar denominated funds, classified as balanced fund. It’s objective is to have a capital growth that produce steady cash flow of income by investing in growth potential in Asian market. The fund is suitable for client with risk profile above low risk and below aggressive, thus balance risk type investor or moderate type.

#3 Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund Inc. – 15.11% YTD Return

This fund is ideal for moderate or balance risk type investor. It is a mixed type of investment with bonds and stocks that provide good returns. It is a US dollar denominated funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management group. The fund invest in US dollar fixed income assets issued only by the Philippine government and other major corporations. If you have a moderate appetite for risk and if you want a return in US dollar, this is a fund for you.

#2 ATRAM Asia Plus Equity Fund Inc. – 15.30% YTD Return

The fund is managed by ATR Asset Management which started last 2010. It is formerly known as ATRKE Asia Plus Recovery Fund Inc. This fund is suitable if you are a high risk take who can managed risks with a potential high return in the process. The fund invest mostly in a diversified portfolio of equities listed in stock exchanges mainly in Asia and other international market as well. It is also a US dollar denominated fund.

#1 Sun Life Prosperity World Voyager Fund Inc. – 21.08% YTD Return

This is a fund for aggressive and high risk investor with long term investment horizon. It is managed by Sun Life Asset Management and was launched last 2016. The fund aims to generate long term appreciation by investing in a diversified investments in equities issued by corporations in developed and emerging markets. These includes US, European, Asian, Japan and other global equities. It is also a dollar denominated fund and classified as fund equity fund of funds. It’s 1 year return is around 21.75%, while the 3 year average return is around 9.75%. Current NAVPS is around USD $1.6693.


Just a precaution, similar with other investment vehicles, mutual fund investment involves risk. Your fund where you invested your money may go up and down depending on the market performance which changes daily. There is no guaranteed return, but you can check the fund past performances for guidance. Invest at your own risk, using your money you can afford to lose only.

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