Top 10 iPhone Tricks

By using this top 10 iPhone tricks, it will improve your overall iPhone experience and enjoy the convenience of its functionalities. So here’s the list.

1. Scrolling on Top of the Page. By clicking the top most part, it will save you time to scroll on top. Quite useful if you are browsing or reading a long page where you need to scroll a lot.
iphone tips and tricks scrolling on top of page

2. Capturing the Screen. Hold the sleep button on top, then press the home button. A white flash will come out, indicating that the screen capture has been made. You can browse the picture under photo’s.
iphone tips and tricks capturing the screen

3. Domain Resolution. If you want to type the URL address of a website in your safari, you don’t have to type www or .com in address bar. If your search engine is Google(default), just type CNN if you want to go to
iphone tips and tricks domain resolution

4. Domain Suffix. By pressing the .COM key, it will bring up other domain suffix that are most commonly used.
iphone tips and tricks domain suffix

5. Special Characters. Long press any letters and wait until the special characters appear. Take note, not all letters have special characters.
iphone tips and tricks special characters

6. Setting Parental Control. You can enable certain restrictions or parental controls on your iPhone. You can block explicit lyrics, Safari, YouTube, iTunes, or the App Store. Just go to Settings, General, Restrictions.
iphone tips and tricks setting parental control

7. Saving Images in Safari and Mail. Press the image you want to copy/save and wait till the below screen appears.
iphone tips and tricks saving images in safari and mail

8. Caps Lock On. Go to Settings->General->Keyboard and Enable Caps Lock ON. If you press the shift key once, the shift icon will have white background which means it’s set to temporary caps lock. If you press the shift key twice, the shift icon will turn to blue, indicating that you are in caps lock mode.
iphone tips and tricks capslock on

9. Display Character Count. Under Settings, go to Messages and switch on Character Count. The count will appear on the right side as you type your messages. Quite useful if you want to know if you messages exceeds two line especially if your carrier have additional fees.
iphone tips and tricks display character counts

10. iPhone Headphone Multi Function Button. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that the iPhone’s native headphones have a button on the microphone. Just squeeze the microphone together, and the button gets pressed.

The buttons functions:

In call…
o Press once to answer a call
o Press twice to send the call to voicemail
o Press once to hang up a call

In call while second call coming in
o click once to hold current call and switch to new call
o hold for 2 secs and release to ignore new call

Out of call…
• Press once to activate iPod and play song
• Press once to pause song
• Press twice to skip to next song

iphone head set

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  1. Nice post . I can use these these tricks very well. I knew only one of them.

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