Top 10 Performing Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) in the Philippines for 2020

Unit Investment Trust Funds or UITF are type of funds offered by the banks. It is also a pooled funds same like mutual fund. The only difference is that it is offered by the bank, unlike the mutual funds where you can buy it from the company directly like the insurance companies. In UITF, you buy units of the fund. In mutual fund, you buy shares of the fund. It is best to consent with the attorneys of estate planning services before you make any investment, as they will study your business and will suggest the possible kinds of options available in the market and finally which to choose for the best results for the welfare of the company.

For this year 2020, here’s the top performing funds offered in the market. For complete list, you can visit for more info. Individual fund fact sheet can also be downloaded via their own website for more details.


Top 10 Performing UITF in the Philippines 2020

#10 Manulife Asia Best Select Equity Fund (USD Class A) – 22.97 YTD Return

Managed by Manulife Asset Management, the fund was launched in 2018 only. It’s an aggressive fund in dollar denomination. The funds goal is to achieve capital growth thru investing in a diverse portfolio of securities consisting of companies listed in stocks market or incorporated or with significant business in Asia, Australia, New Zealand excluding Japan. This is well suited to those high risk investor who value potential growth with higher risks. However, asset management can be best done with the help of legal probate attorneys, especially in the case of estate planning and administration.

For Class A shares, minimum initial participation is USD $100. You can inquire this fund via China Bank, the strategic ally of Manulife in Philippines.

#9 SB Asia Pacific Equity Feeder Fund (USD Class A) – 24.42% YTD Return

This fund allows you to invest in one of the most promising region economically in the world. It aims to invest in companies that has potential to achieve long term, stable and above market return growth. The fund chooses the companies very well to achieve their goal. They invests mostly in Asia Pacific countries excluding Japan. It was launched last 2018 and an equity type feeder fund.

For Class A, minimum initial participation is USD $1,000. You can inquire this fund via Security Bank.

#8 SB Asia Pacific Equity Feeder Fund (USD Class F) – 24.85% YTD Return

This is same fund as #9, the only difference is the participation amount needed to participate. Thus, they have separate fund allocation and set of investors who participates.

In addition, top 10 holdings of this plan includes companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor, Tencent, Samsung Electronics, Alibaba Group, Westpac Banking, Wuxi Biologies, AIA Group, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Insurance Group and Reliance Industries.

For Class F, minimum initial participation is USD $5,000. You can inquire this fund via Security Bank.

#7 Manulife Asia Best Select Equity Fund (USD) – 25.13% YTD Return

Launched on 2016, this fund is managed by Manulife Investment Management. It has dollar denomination. The fund invest in Asian companies excluding Japan. It is an equity fund, suitable for high risk type investors. Suitable for long term investment horizon. Among its top 10 holdings invested are Samsung Electronics, Alibaba Group, Tencent Holdings, Taiwan Semiconductor, Ping An Insurance, ICICI Bank Limited, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd, Samsung SDI Co Ltd, Hyundai Motors and HCL Technologies Ltd.

You can inquire and purchase this fund via China Bank.

#6 Manulife Dragon Growth Equity Feeder Fund – 27.43% YTD Return

It is an equity UITF fund structured as a feeder fund. The goal of the fund is to maximize the return of the fund by investing in an equity collective scheme, the target fund. It aims to have capital growth by investing 70% of its portfolio in a diversified equity related securities listed in Hong Kong. Suitable for high risk taker investor.

You can get this fund via China Bank. Minimum of PHP 5,000 initial investment to participate.


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#5 BDO Europe Equity Feeder Fund (USD) – 30.71% YTD Return

It is a dollar denominated global fund structured as a feeder fund. The fund objective is to have long term capital appreciation by investing in single collective investment scheme, the target fund. This fund invests in a portfolio diversified in various European companies or those with activities in Europe.

As a feeder fund, they invest 90% of their assets to the target fund. It’s an equity fund suitable for high risk investors. Minimum initial participation is SUD $500. You can inquire and avail this fund via BDO.

#4 PRUInvest USD Global Technology Equity Feeder Fund (USD Class A) – 32.79% YTD Return

The fund is an equity feeder fund invested in the target fund, which in turn invested in Eastspring Investments Global Technology Fund. It is suitable for aggressive investors who can tolerate high risks and value high returns with substantial risk. At least 90% of the fund asset are invested in the target fund, while the remaining 10% are invested in mostly USD time deposits, treasury bills and other short term government issued securities.

Minimum initial investment required for this Class A is USD $1,000.

#3 PRUInvest USD Global Technology Feeder Fund (USD Class I) – 33.75% YTD Return

This fund is exactly the same as #4 fund. They only differ in their class type according to the company. The class usually differs according to minimum amount of investment to participate.

#2 Manulife Dragon Growth Equity Feeder Fund (USD Class A) – 34.31% YTD Return

It is an equity fund with aggressive risk classification incepted at 2018 only. This fund is suitable for high risk investors who value growth and can take the potential risks involved on the investment. It is a US dollar denominated funds. Minimum initial investment required is USD $100. The fund is managed by Manulife Asset Management.

To avail, do inquire at China Bank.

#1 BDO China Equity Feeder Fund (USD) – 38.94% YTD Return

BDO fund claims the top spot for this years top performing UITF. It is a feeder fund, which invests 90% of it’s asset to a target fund. This fund then investors in a portfolio of equities and related instruments of China companies both offshore and onshore. It is suitable for high risk invesetor profile clients.

Incepted at 2015, you can avail this fund via BDO with a minimum starting investment amount of USD $500.


Investing in funds like UITF involves risk of losing money. Make sure you do your own diligence first before investing your money. Choose the funds that suits your risk appetite and investment horizon. You can always refer to past performances of each fund. However, there is no guarantee of the future performance as it is subject to market condition. Do invest money you can afford to lose only. Invest at your work risk. It is not banks responsibility to educate you on these topic, it is your responsibility to yourself.

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