Top 7 AIA Singapore Performing Funds in 2020

Here’s top performing funds in AIA Singapore for your reference. You can get full details via their online website. This is base on Jan 3, 2021 data.


Top 7 AIA Singapore Performing Funds in 2020

2020 Return: 57.93%
Type: Equity Fund
Sector: Technology

aia global technology fund

This fund is one of the best performing funds in Singapore, not just in AIA. It has 25.71% 5YR average annual return and 28.61% 3YR average annual return. By checking on its fact sheet, it’s an equity funds invested in various technology companies worldwide base on sectors, countrys and holdings company. On Nov 4 data, the fund has 4.9% holdings in AMAZON, 4.5% holdings in MICROSOFT, 4.3% holdings in APPLE, 4% holdings in ALIBABA and 2.7% holdings in NVIDIA. These are the top 5 companies where they invested their funds last year. It is managed by Templeton Asset Management Ltd. If you have investment linked policies with AIA Singapore, you can opt to choose and invest on this fund.

2020 Return: 32.79%
Type: Equity Fund
Sector: Mixed

aia elite adventurous fund usd

This is an equity fund, incepted just recently for AIA PLATINUM RETIREMENT ELITE policy in USD denomination. It is managed by AIA in partnership with the worlds biggest fund houses: Baillie Gifford, Wellington Management and BlackRock. It is suitable for high risk investor who values high return versus possible losses. Base on its sector fund allocation, it allocates 22% to information technology sector. It’s top 5 holdings are TESLA 2.4%, Taiwan Semiconductor 2.4%, MICROSOFT 2.3%, SHOPIFY 2.1% and AMAZON 2%.

2020 Return: 28.83%
Type: Equity Fund
Sector: Mixed

aia elite adventurous fund

This is same equity fund as number #2, the only difference is that it is in SGD denomination. If you are considering to purchase AIA PLATINUM RETIREMENT ELITE policy, you have the option to choose SGD or USD funds to invest.

2020 Return: 28.43%
Type: Balanced Fund
Sector: Mixed

aia elite balance fund usd

This is a new fund also for AIA PLATINUM RETIREMENT ELITE policy. It’s a balanced fund also invested globally with same fund manager. Base on last year fact sheet, it has asset allocation of 60.5% equities, 35.5% fixed income and 4% as cash & derivatives.

2020 Return: 28.09%
Type: Equity Fund
Sector: Mixed China

aia greater china equity fund

This is an equity fund investing in China companies. It has 15.69% 5YR average return and 9.96% 3YR average return. The fund is managed by Fidelity Investment Management Ltd. Base on sector allocation, it invest most of its funds, 22% to consumer discretionary sector followed by information technology which amounts to 17.3%. Almost 75% are allocated in China, the rest are to Taiwan and Hongkong companies.

2020 Return: 21.36%
Type: Balanced Fund
Sector: Mixed


aia elite balance fund

This is exactly the same as #4, only that it is in SGD denomination. Everything is exactly the same.

2020 Return: 20.60%
Type: Equity Fund
Sector: Mixed

aia global equity fund

The fund is another equity fund invested in global companies suitable for high risk investors. It has 7.31% 3YR average return and 9.29% 5YR average return. Base on its fact sheet last year, its top sector allocation is information technology with 26% followed by industrials and healthcare. For the country allocation, it invests mostly in us companies with 71.2% allocation followed by UK 8.2% and France 4.2%. The fund is managed by AIA Singapore in partnership with PineBridge Investments.

These are funds that can only be availed via AIA Singapore. If you have existing policies with them or plan to get one, make sure to take a look at these funds. You can download fund fact sheet via AIA website. Funds details and composition are subject to changes made by the fund manager. It may differ from time to time, always refer to the lates fact sheet for updated information.

If you have questions or queries about this funds, message or leave a comment below.

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