Unless Your Pocket is Deep, Better Pay P900 per Year

As an Overseas Foreign Worker, we have several benefits provided by our Government. However, most of us are not aware and don’t bother to avail it. So when the unexpected came, we blame the government and our country for not providing us the benefit that we deserved.

One of the benefits that we taken for granted is Philhealth. Managed by Department of Health, it takes care of most Filipino worker’s health insurance program. And that includes us, OFW’s.

We always have the tendency for not planning ahead. We always over look some good opportunities at present that would greatly affect the unforeseen happenings in the future. Plus most of our mindset is thinking that we are earning dollars, thus expenses in the Philippines are manageable. I am reffering to hospital bills and other health related expenses that may come along the way. You will be lucky if the range is only by few thousands. What if your bill runs in few hundred thousand? Then you will realize the importance of being a Philhealth member. It protects you and your family member, getting benefits ranging from hospitalization to outpatient services.

Click here for list of benefits.

Yearly contribution is only P900 for OFW, a small amount compare to what it can do to you and your family.

In Singapore, you can pay your contribution to iRemit in Lucky Plaza. You will need your Philhealth number to facilitate your payment. If you forgot your Philhealth number, you can send email to owp@philhealth.gov.ph. You just need to provide your full name and birthdate. They will reply to your query in few days.

For those who are not yet member, it is important to know if there are affiliate Philhealth agents in your area. iRemit is one of them. I know they have various branches worldwide including Singapore. You just need to fill up the MDR form and pay the yearly contribution. Make sure you bring your passport and work pass as a requirement.

P900 a year is all you need to pay to Philhealth. Be smart and plan ahead. You’ll never know what will happen tomorrow.

With rising cost of everything, getting sick unprepared is the worst thing you don’t want to end up with.

Visit Philhealth website for more details.

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