Urgent Need: Job Hiring for a JOB that offers up to $5000 a day

Where can you find a job that offers you $5000 a day or just a fraction of a day’s work? The offer is true but it seems that nobody is serious enough or brave enough to accept the offer.

And the dream job, JUMPERS.

TEPCO, the owner of the nuclear plant in Japan that is facing a nuclear disaster, is urgently need of personnel to do the most riskiest job that they have. Jumpers will be dispatched to a nuclear facitilty full of radiation to do some repair to avert serious nuclear disasters in the future.

A TEPCO official said this week that the beleaguered company has tasks fit for “jumpers” — workers so called because they “jump” into highly radioactive areas to accomplish a job in a minimum of time and race out as quickly as possible.

Sometimes jumpers can make multiple runs if the cumulative dosage is within acceptable limits — although “acceptable” can be open to interpretation.

In cases of extreme leaks however the radiation might be so intense that jumpers can only make one such foray in their entire lives, or risk serious radiation poisoning.

Dump the pump, then run. Jumper just have to bring one end of the pump to the water and dump it in, and then run out. This is a solution to remove the contaminated water from building inside the area.

However, the exchange for this amount can be your life. Exposing to too much radiation may cause an individual various complications that may caused death.

Up to now, workers being offered for the job are still reluctant. TEPCO’s dillema now is that it can’t get people to see if it’s efforts to cool fuel rods are working; indeed, to confirm what the exact problems are in the first place.

Anyone interested can send their resume to hr@iwanttodie.com

job hiring as jumpers for japan nuclear site

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  1. i applied for the job of jumper, two months ago. iam not recieved any message from u
    ihop i will get it soon


    mohamed hussain

  2. if there’s any recruitment, suggest me

  3. Dears, i have my will to live in the japan, I loved and loving it’s standard still. As we all know every thing we desire cannot be fulfilled and I always follow and like to suggest all positively that, never spoil what u have by desiring what u don’t have,

    long live JAPAN


  4. guyz…please apply directly to TEPCO if the job is still available. the email address i posted is not correct, i just didn’t know that you guys will send your resume to it and willing to die for this kind of job.

  5. chelsie caballero

    I would like to grab the opportunity to develop and improve my skills and knowledge that I’ve learned from school to my future job in whatever institution that will kindly accept me. It will also be great to have more opportunities for my personal and professional growth,. or contact me 09173760023..

  6. Alfonsito M. Tejol

    I would like to apply any vacant for electrical Qc Inspector.

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