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There are thousands of apps in iTunes for our iPhones and related Apple products. Though there are a lot of free apps for download, most of them are rubbish. Still, those paid one are the best and worthy for installation.

I myself only download applications that are free. And for those paid one, I usually ignore them as I don’t want to spend few dollars to purchase it. Sometimes, I got lucky to spot some promotional applications free for download. But that happens only once in a blue moon.

Thanks to app developer, Enrique Santos, we can now download paid apps for FREE!

download app free

As you know, applications in iTunes also have promotions and items on sale. Sometimes, those paid applications are put on 1 day or 2 days FREE. It’s good if you know the exact date when the actual sale will be held. But if not, it’s useless. Like me, I guess you don’t have time to look for each of the thousands of applications which of them is having a FREE download promotion.

on sale app free

Below are some features of the APP FREE application.

– find sale apps and free for a day apps easily
– all apps are up to date(no false sales)
– track which apps have become cheaper or even free
– spot one time only opportunities.

I downloaded and used the app myself and it did save me few bucks on some paid applications which I got for FREE.

Now is your time to save. Download and install.

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