Watch Out for HP Touchpad in Singapore COMEX 2011 for US$99

Recently, HP announced that they will put a halt on the production of their webOS products, including their Touchpad tablet. They cited a saturable market for tablet PC’s as well as poor sale performance compare to rival products from Apple, Samsung and the like.

In view of this decision, they are currently clearing their stocks of this product. In US, 16GB model is selling for $99 while the 32 GB is selling for $149. Both are sold out in online store.

HP Singapore confirms that they will sell the item during this week’s COMEX at the Suntec City. However, the exact details and price plan are still not yet released until exhibit date. Most IT enthusiasts believe that the prices will somehow the same as the US price in SG currency.

So, are you going to buy one?

HP Touchpad at Singapore COMEX $99

The actual price for HP Touchpad was around $400, so buying it at around $99 is a great deal. The only drawback is that, the entire Touchpad model will be shut down. It means no future support, no update and few apps available for you to download and install.

On the other hand, minus all the support, update and apps, it is still a good deal for few reasons.

1. For ebook enthusiasts, HP Touchpad is a good replacement to Kindle, which is more expensive.
2. For personal use, HP Touchpad is already equipped with most of the the things you need to use on daily basis like web surfing, emails, facebook, VPN connection and other things.
3. Even without future support for its webOS platform, the TouchPad is still quite capable as a web browser, music and movie player with its dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 9.7-inch display
4. Since this will be the last set, you can mark up the price and sell to other people to want it.
5. Buy it as a gift to someone like your kids of friends.
6. Most of all, it’s CHEAPER compare to other tablet brands.

See you at the COMEX!

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